Women In Agriculture Bear Created by Bellamy Young 

I was moved to create our Women In Agriculture Bear based on my experience with CARE programs in Kigali, Rwanda. I remain inspired that, unlike many aid organizations, CARE empowers people to transform their own lives, & that they know that when women can lift themselves up, they lift up whole communities with them. I watched women transform their lives with the smallest initial help from becoming a member of a Village Savings & Loan. Growing food saved them & their families & helped provide nutrition for their province. Women In Agriculture stand firmly at the intersection of Climate Justice, Food Security, Economic Opportunity, & Women's Empowerment. With just a little infrastructure to help them help themselves, these women really are saving the world. That's why they deserve our continued support & a (CARE orange) cape!

Size: 7.5" by 4"
Weight: 1 lb. 8.5 oz

This item comes with a Letter of Authenticity.